Channel Letters

Channel Letters

Whether you know what they are or not, you’ve seen channel letters at work as you’ve traveled cities and suburbs at night. Businesses small and large use this style of sign to identify and brand themselves.  Put simply, these signs are made of a simple aluminum  frame covered with an acrylic face. They are lit using an LED light source to assure long life.

The Different Lighting Options for Channel Letters Include:

  • Halo Lit Channel Lit Signs – The halo effect is achieved when the back of the letters have an opening in the back for light to shine from the letter and create a halo.
  • Backlit Signs – Backlit signs have lighting behind the letters. The effect is similar to a halo lit sign, but the light also shines through the acrylic face creating a brighter look.
  • Open Face Channel Letters – Open face channel letters do not have the traditional acrylic front. Instead, the LED is visible This gives a look that is similar to a classic neon sign.

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