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    Design an Impressive Lobby and Logo Sign

    Lobby and logo signs are an essential component of any distinguished business, from law firms to doctors to everyone else in between. But sometimes it can be difficult to figure out which materials to use or how to design this kind of interior signage. You may have the budget for a great sign, but just need a bit of help in sketching it out. This blog post examines lobby and logo sign materials, as well as discusses unique ways to design them. Let’s take a closer look.

    The Materials

    You will have several options for the materials that make up your sign. Choose wood for a rustic or “homey” look. High-quality plastic that is made to look like glass could be an excellent choice for a consultant group. A more flexible option for a lobby and logo sign that is also modern is vinyl wall graphics. While these are not technically “traditional” materials, vinyl wall graphics are simple to install and easy to remove. This could be a wise decision for someone in a temporary office location. When you’re ready to move into your brand-new office, just remove the vinyl graphics from the wall.

    Size and Shape

    Another aspect of an effective lobby and logo sign is the size of your sign. Going back to the law firm example, a larger polished wood sign could be a bold option. For the consultant group, a smaller, more detailed sign would make a lovely, subtler yet effective impact.

    What about shape? Well, this is dependent upon your logo, to begin with. Font is an important consideration as well. In fact, your font may depend on your logo’s shape, along with any other designs you have added into the sign. When in doubt, go for an easy-to-read font, with a simple, recognizable shape.

    Color Counts

    What color should you choose for your lobby and logo sign? That will probably be contingent upon the colors you’ve chosen for your brand. Contrast is also crucial here. High contrast in color and shade will help your visitors see your sign better.

    For that law firm, a sleek black and white sign would be impressive. Or maybe you would like to add a splash of red in there for a flashier effect. Don’t be afraid to experiment with this aspect of the design.

    Get Your Lobby and Logo Sign

    Now that you’ve learned about all that you should consider when designing a lobby and logo sign, go ahead and give Schaefer Sign Works a quick call. We are your one-stop shop for everything sign-related. Contact us today for a free quote.

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