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    LED Digital Signage for a Trade Show Booth

    Bringing technology into a trade show booth display will inherently make your company look cutting edge. Rather than relying on the old school marketing ideas of years past, work with digital signage that can display many types of messaging and images while keeping your brand at the focus of it all. Other signage can be used to fill out a trade show booth, such as pop up displays, retractable banners, backdrops, and flags.

    A digital display has the ability to showcase a long list of information types. From products, services and business to live weather and traffic updates, along with social media streams and website feeds, attendees can come to your booth for information relevant not only to your brand but their trade show going experience. Other than being attractive, there are benefits to this signage solution for a trade show display.

    Draw Attention

    The biggest challenge at a trade show is getting passersby to notice your booth. After that, it comes down to having the right product and putting information out there. However, even when they don’t stop by the actual booth, being visible and noticeable creates impressions that are important to marketing efforts. After all, if someone continually hears the same brand name repeatedly, their brain associates it with trustworthiness even without knowing what that brand does or what it stands for.

    Build Lasting Impressions

    When a display is more engaging, there is a higher likelihood the brand will be remembered. Whether it immediately leads to a sale or not, the impression can still be invaluable to the company. In trade shows, conversions can happen well after the event. Making a lasting impression can lead to sales down the line.

    Become a Resource

    By offering details attendees will need, such as weather information, you will establish your brand as a resource. Not only will attendees be seeking out your booth, but they will have readily available information attached as a hallmark of your brand. This will instill a sense of trust in your company, which is positive when seeking customers.

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