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    Top 3 Reasons to Choose Boat Wraps in Indianapolis

    Some have termed Geist Reservoir as the best fishing destination in the entire state. But it has some stiff competition from Eagle Creek Park, which boasts a lake that is a repeat host for the rowing national championship. (It is also a hot insider tip for largemouth bass fishing.) What do these examples of local water fun destinations have in common? They are ideally suited for boating enthusiasts. And when you are bringing your sailboat, runabout, or another vessel to a lake for the season, you might need some outstanding boat wraps in Indianapolis!

    1. Cheaper Than a Professional Paint Job

    Boat Wraps in IndianapolisBoat wraps are quickly becoming a cost-effective option for local hobbyists who want a vessel that communicates their personalities. Because a gel coat paint job is an expensive undertaking, boaters typically decline this option. Unlike a car with a so-so paint job, which is still fine to drive around town, a boat with a cheap paint job may lead to water damage in parts of the hull. A wrap, on the other hand, does not damage the already existing factory color coat but rather changes it to something that you can love.

    2. Faster Than a Paint Job

    Boat Wraps in IndianapolisTo do it right, a set of professionals would have to strip your boat of its paint, sand down the hull, tape off the areas you do not want to see colored, and then apply multiple coats of paint. In addition to the prohibitive cost, which is a major reason why seasonal hobbyists do not want to go this route, there is the time that the vessel has to remain in dry dock. With the fishing and boating seasons heating up, this could set you back weeks. If the marina is busy, you might be looking at months.

    3. Ideal for Hobbyists with an Eye on Cost, Time, and Versatility

    Boat Wraps in IndianapolisIf pennies on the dollar and hours instead of weeks sound better than the other option, a wrap is ideally suited for your needs. Because it allows a broad range of specialty treatments that no paint sprayer can accommodate, we can customize the vessel’s overall appearance that allows for a unique design. Take, for example, gradient color changes. If you like the idea of subtle tone changes that take place in the midst of the hull and then result in the display of a different color on the other side, you cannot go wrong with a custom wrap.

    Commission Your Next Set of Boat Wraps in Indianapolis

    Our graphic artists handle anything from standard boat lettering to graphics and hull wraps. We understand the intricacies involved in the creation of a look that is just right. If you are unsure whether a full or partial wrap would work the best for you, simply ask our vinyl graphics pros for assistance. Because they can show you what the finished product will look like before you order it, there is always an opportunity to make changes.

    Call us today to order a boat wrap that lets you hit the water in style this year!

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