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    Yard Signs are a Politician’s Friend

    One of the most important parts of building a strong political campaign is the need for name recognition and familiarity. This can be a tough part of getting enough votes to win an election. You need to make sure that your entire constituency is aware of who you are and which office you’re running for. Yard signs by Schaefer Signworks are a great option for achieving this without wasting time or energy. In fact, here are a few reasons yard signs are a great option for political campaigns.

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    Build Recognition

    One of the foremost reasons you need yard signs for a political campaign is that these signs do the simple job of building name recognition with your constituency. This is a simple job, but vital in winning votes. The more familiar people are with your name, the more likely they are to trust you. These signs can display your name and the office you’re running for and this will make sure that people will start to associate you with the office you’re trying to win.

    Identify Your Politics

    Another valuable aspect of yard signs is the ease with which you can identify your politics. By simply including the right colors, you can give people an idea of your political standings. Traditionally, blue is representative of Democrats and red is representative of Republicans. So, by using these signs, you can let people know which political party you support. That gives people a brief glimpse into your politics and also will help sway strict party-line voters.


    Yard signs are also an incredibly affordable option. That means you can use them to cover a massive area and it won’t eat up all of your funding. To get the same amount of exposure you’d have to go door to door introducing yourself. Instead of bogging yourself down in that kind of grueling work, you can combine public addresses like speeches and meetings with the signs to make sure all of your constituents are aware of who you are but that they also feel like they’ve got to know your personally.

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    Yard Signs for You

    If you need yard signs for your political campaign with election season around the corner, contact our team today!