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    How to Boost Brand Awareness with Plastic Building Sign Letters

    Plastic building sign letters are a budget-friendly alternative to channel letters and similar exterior signage options. But in addition to being easy on the corporate wallet, these products also bring the kind of style to the table that sets their appearances apart from metal or acrylic looks. Could you ask us to have them mimic the look of the more expensive metal building letters? Sure! However, why would you?

    Add Plenty of Color to the Mix

    Plastic Building Sign LettersConsider the presentation of mixed font heights in vibrant colors. Mixing and matching primary colors, tones from your corporate palette, or even just integrating Greenery, the Pantone color of the year, can have an enormous impact on the brand awareness that consumers develop. They no longer only recognize your company’s name; now, they also come to associate your identity with the vibrant color displays you put on show. Mounted flush to the wall with outside light sources ensuring after-dark illumination is a great display option for your building’s façade.

    Say it with Chrome

    Plastic Building Sign LettersRemember how we said that you do not want to mimic the look of metal? Well, we make an exception for chrome. If you are in the automotive industry or the tech sector, the look of polished chrome can make a huge difference in the way you portray your brand. The appearance is stylish, sleek, chic, and modern. But you do not have to go for cast metal to get the slight rounding that sets apart plastic letters from metal with its typically angular features. You still enjoy the great look that the plastic brings to the table – complete with rounded fronts.

    Combine a Board, Plastic Letters, and Vinyl Lettering

    Plastic Building Sign LettersWhen you really want to go for the gusto, we recommend the combination of multiple materials for the display. For example, a metal or acrylic display board could be the backdrop that holds the rounded plastic lettering. Choose any color of your corporate palette. Include a niche explanation by installing vinyl lettering to the board. This combination of three distinct textures not only heightens the sign’s visual impact but also creates an interesting display of your brand message. Consider augmenting the message with window posters that incorporate three-dimensional images, which creates an even more pronounced visual appeal for your setting.

    Buy Plastic Building Sign Letters

    Most business clients admit to being overwhelmed with the world of choices that opens up when deciding on plastic letters for the building. Relax! Our graphic artists work with you to discover the look that is exactly right for your needs. We ensure that the products encapsulate your brand message, come in on budget, and look exactly right on the outside of the building. By the way, if you are thinking of adding a scaled down version of the marker as a lobby sign, we can help you with this step, too. More and more companies are now exploring this option to boost brand awareness among passersby and customers even more.

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