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    Create Effective Wayfinding Signage Today

    Helping your visitors find where they need to be is a great way to make a first impression. Right at the beginning, your company will seem well planned out and considerate to your customers and other visitors. By leaving it out, you can seem disorganized at best and inconsiderate at worst. Having effective wayfinding signs doesn’t have to be difficult. By keeping a couple tips in mind, you can find your own way through the world of directional signage.

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    Point of Reference

    You can have all the signs in the world but if the visitor is unsure of where they are in reference to other landmarks, it won’t get them far. Be sure to always help the visitor understand where they are in comparison to other places in the building. In shopping malls, this is done by using a map and placing a symbol on where the viewer is located. For other locations, this won’t have to be as complicated but having an indication that they are at the entrance or the lobby can help them find their way.

    Simplicity is Best

    A complicated system that is hard to navigate won’t do much in terms of wayfinding. Be sure all signage looks similar and is easy to read. Keeping with a color scheme, or using a color scheme to your advantage, can be helpful. One way businesses do this is by using their own brand colors to reinforce branding. Another way is to color code different areas. Some book stores will keep related genres in the same color. This is helpful when looking for similar genres but keeps things separate and easy.

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    Bringing Customers Back

    If your location is easy to navigate and your customers find things easily, they are likely to come back. This is done by making signage easy to read from afar and making it follow common sense. After all, if it is intuitive to follow, few will get lost while using your directional signage. Using the right symbols, such as arrows, will also help. Be sure to clearly mark your entrance so customers know how to come back.

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