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    4 Tips from Our Lobby Logo Sign Pros

    Do not leave the look of your lobby sign to chance. It is one of the most prominent displays that you choose to feature in your office, and it must encapsulate your brand message perfectly. One of the most frequently selected presentations is the lobby logo sign that augments the appearance of the lettering. Our experts have narrowed down must-know information into four tips.

    1. Feature an Identical Color Display

    Lobby Logo SignColor play is an integral part of your brand message. It elicits a visceral response from your customers. When your lettering features a highly noticeable color, replicate it – at least in part – on your logo display as well. If you choose to put together a logo board for your lobby, you can emphasize the color play by selecting a high-contrast backdrop tone. Go for the gusto by painting your display wall in an identical tone as your logo color.

    2. A Shape Plus a Corporate Name Make for a Great Lobby Logo

    Lobby Logo SignLayering is a fantastic method of generating attention. By placing your lettering on top of your logo’s features, you succeed in creating a three-dimensional look that is not lost on your clients. It emphasizes your branding and takes control of the setting’s spatial dimensions. At the same time, this appearance succeeds in catching the eye. Reinforce brand recognition by repeating the look on other signage products that you select later on. Because it is imperative that subsequent markers match the lobby sign’s overall presentation, you cannot go wrong by integrating the appearance.

    3. Allow for the Logo’s Ornamental Quality to Shine

    Lobby Logo SignSome business owners select a logo design that has distinct decorative qualities. If this applies to your setup, we recommend emphasizing this trait. Typically, you have two options: feature the logo as a focal point of your brand presentation or select a color that emphasizes its separateness while nevertheless fitting in perfectly with the display. There is no right or wrong way. Instead, it depends on your taste as well as your lobby’s overall color scheme. By creating both signage components with the same material, you preserve the product’s congruent qualities.

    4. Introduce Your Lettering with the Logo Display

    Lobby Logo SignOther clients ensure that the logo receives first billing in their efforts to present a brand message. They accomplish this goal by placing the image in front of the lettering, which makes up the introduction of their corporate identities. In so doing, they almost force brand recognition simply by requiring clients to take in the logo first and the explanation second. This decision creates a powerful mnemonic device that achieves reliable results.

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