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    Attract Bicycle Business Along USBR 50 with the Right Look for Your Signs

    We’ve discussed the ways that you can optimize your signage to grab the attention of cyclists in Indianapolis. But because bicycling is such a popular mode of transportation, you should know why it’s important to appeal to these individuals. Especially, with a major biking route running through Southern Indianapolis, it’s important to make sure your business, specifically if you’re located in this area, is putting its best foot forward. Appealing to bicyclists with the right signs can open up an entirely new source of revenue for your business and get your brand national attention. With a little help from Schaefer Sign Works, you’ll build your business with bicyclists.

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    USBR 50

    U.S. Bicycle Route 50 runs right through the south end of Indianapolis. What you might not know is that this bicycle route runs through Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Washington D.C. too. One of the great things about a bike route like this, is that recreational cyclists can use this system as well as more experienced bikers. That means locals can travel the route with ease and explore parts of Indiana they may not have ever seen. But it also means that there will be cyclists who are coming from as far as the East Coast. These hard-core cyclists can ride this bike route across almost half of the U.S. and there are plans to extend USBR 50 all the way to San Francisco. This makes USBR 50 a highway for tourists on bikes.

    An Opportunity

    The cyclists who are touring the states on this route need lodging, food and other services along the path. This gives your business the opportunity to market to these individuals and prepare for more as they expand the route. As more people begin to trek across the U.S. on their bikes, towns with great biking reputations will become hotspots for cycling tourism. Indianapolis is already a city with great cycling infrastructure. By making sure that your business is prepared and open to this, you can grow your business now and in the future.

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    Make the Most of It

    You’ll want to make sure that you’re clearly identifying your business and what you offer to grab the attention of these individuals. They aren’t always going to have time to stop and shop around, so make sure they can identify you quickly by your signage. You’ll also want to make sure that your business is as welcoming and hospitable as you can make it. These cyclists will be looking forward to a respite from being out in the elements all day, so make sure your signs are warm and inviting. The more exposure you get with cyclists, the more likely you’ll build a reputation for being a spot to stop and visit while traveling Bicycle Route 50.

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