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    Benefits of Channel Letter Signs for Local Businesses

    The goal of any good signage should be to communicate information while attracting and engaging customers but also enhancing the image of the brand. While it sounds like a lot to expect out of a sign, it can be achieved with a few considerations while in the design phase of putting a sign together. Choosing the right type of signage is the first step in reaching these goals.

    Channel letters give a lot of options for both business owners and sign companies. With different selections in lighting, colors and fonts, any brand can be enhanced through this type of signage. Even further, a lightbox can be added to incorporate relevant and eye-catching imagery.

    lighted letters

    Cost-Effective Advertising

    With various customization options, these signs are engaging. However, they are also cheaper than many other options. Compared to more traditional advertising, you can make thousands of impressions as people drive past at a fraction of the cost. While neon lighting and steel are cheaper upfront, the cost adds up down the line. We use aluminum and LED lighting for a few more dollars up front that alleviates the need for replacing parts down the line, which is much costlier. Additionally, LED lights are more environmentally friendly and easier on an electric bill.

    Visually Appealing Brand Image

    Beyond simply communicating the name and information about a company, exterior signage should bring in attention from motorists and pedestrians. The design and colors can be even more important than choosing the right text in some cases. Channel letters can easily match the branding in place for a company while adding more visual appeal. They can take what you already have and put backlighting to help illuminate your brand image.

    lighted letters

    Keep it Green

    Staying environmentally friendly can help boost your company. Not only will it take a lot of cash out of your utility bills, but it can create a positive image of your brand. LED lights are a great way to achieve this while staying affordable and easy. However, it can also lengthen the life of your sign. By using LED lights, which are known for being easier on the environment, you can add as much as 100,000 hours to the life of your sign since the lighting uses much lower voltage and is less prone to needing replacements.

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