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    Benefits of Using LED Lighting in Business Signs

    When deciding to create an illuminated sign for your business, you have three main lighting options: neon, fluorescent and LED lighting. Neon and fluorescent lighting are better known as it has been used for much longer and has proven reliable. However, LED lighting has recently gained press for being colorful and easier to maintain in addition to its ability to be long-lasting.

    Neon has a certain nostalgic feel but LEDs seem to be the way of the future. This is because although neon has a warmer glow, LED lighting can be customized to the exact glow envisioned. There are a few key benefits of LEDs that other lighting simply cannot compete with.

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    Striking Brightness

    The eye-catching brightness of LED lighting is one of the most attractive features that garners the most interest from buyers. The technology used to create the lighting is unique in design and allows for a brighter and clear light that is both visible and legible for lettering.

    Longer Lifespan

    Top quality LED lights last between 50,000 and 100,000 hours. On average, these lights last a full 3 to 6 years longer than fluorescent and neon lighting. The real benefit is the technology. Unlike the other lighting options, LED lights don’t use gas so there is no risk of a leak, which leads to a less vibrant color and lower lifespan.

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    Lower Maintenance

    With the longer lifespan and higher efficiency, there is a lot less maintenance for LED lights. For those living in humid areas or areas with a lot of rain, there are waterproof models that can better withstand the environmental ailments. They are also easy to clean since they are less fragile and seldom burn out. This makes them an easy investment with little to no daily maintenance.

    More Options

    LED lighting is thinner and can be more easily customized since there isn’t any tubing to work around. They can also be customized to create movement, flashes, change color and even implement animation. Due to the lack of technology, this simply cannot be achieved with neon or fluorescent lighting. This can make a big impact on the effectiveness for a sign and lessen the ability to customize options in the long run. It is also easier to change out LED lighting and get a different feel without fully investing in a new sign.

    Are you ready to purchase a new business sign with LED lighting? We can help. Regardless of your experience level, we can guide you through the options and find a great signage solution for your brand. Contact us today.