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    Choose the Best Monument Sign Materials

    You may already be aware that monument signs, sometimes referred to as architectural signs, are a regal and dignified signage choice for a variety of businesses and organizations. These stately signs come in several distinct materials, and it can be confusing and overwhelming to figure out which would be the best for your company. Well, never fear, because this handy blog post is all about monument sign materials. Let’s take a closer look.

    Monument and Architectural Signs

    Stone is Strong and Lasts Long

    Certain businesses may want to go big and bold with their exterior signage. A stone monument sign could be a very effective choice for a well-regarded law firm, perhaps, or even an upscale suburban housing development. Or maybe you own a luxury bed and breakfast that is as respectable as it is charming. In that instance, stone could be a beautiful and polished option that will get you return visitors.

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    Brick is Bold and Beautiful

    Maybe you are a family-owned contractor business that helps maintain majestic brick buildings in the historic part of town. Choosing a monument sign that is made of brick could reinforce your brand message as well as look just as majestic as the buildings you restore.

    Wood is Polished and Pretty

    Wood can be a lovely idea for a local tool and home repair shop. It can be finished and polished so that it is smooth-looking yet rustic and quaint. Carve or sandblast your wooden sign for an extra special effect. Just be careful, though—wood is prone to insect and water damage and can warp easily under certain circumstances.

    Imitation Materials Work Too

    For a less expensive yet still respectable look, try on imitation materials for size. Imitation brick, stone and wood all look like the real thing, but cost a fraction of the price. They can be easily molded or sculpted to be any size or shape, making them a bit simpler to work with than the other more costly materials listed above.

    Get the Best Monument Sign Materials for You

    You’ve learned a little more information about the different types of monument sign materials, so when you’re ready to create your perfect exterior monument sign for your business, go ahead and give Schaefer Sign Works a call. We are skilled in creating any kind of sign, and we offer only the best materials for you, as well as outstanding service. Act now and get a free quote.