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    Directory Signs for Universities Make the Grade

    If you are the president of a large public or private university, you are probably aware that proper signage goes a long way.  Homecoming banners and welcome table displays are important, but did you know that directory signs really do help people get to where they’re going? After all, everyone at a university was once a freshman who didn’t know how to get to the dining hall. Remembering that feeling will help motivate you to install high-quality, stately-looking directory signs on your campus.

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    What is a Directory Sign?

    Maybe you’re already a little confused. If you’re the type to put up paper arrows everywhere that instruct those innocent little freshmen where to go, this blog post is for you. You have to remember that people like guidance and order, and perhaps most importantly, they really don’t want to think too hard about whatever directions you happen to be giving them. Keep it simple and you will succeed, and directory signs are a perfect way to do just that.

    A directory sign is a sign that contains a list of rooms or locations, along with names or other information about the building, facility, or in your case, campus. It should be easy-to-read, clear and concise.

    Fonts, Font Size and More

    To ensure that your directory sign is indeed clear and concise, you must choose the best font for it. Don’t get too fancy with script fonts or symbols. Choose a sans-serif font that looks good in bold—for your primary titles or headings—and one that has a good and even spacing between letters.

    As for the size of your letters for the directory, don’t go too big or too small. Find something that is easily read from a distance, or at the very least, has good dark-to-light contrast so that people with vision impairments can read the sign.

    When it comes to the color scheme of your university’s directory sign, be aware that contrast is key. Too little contrast and no one will be able to read your supposedly helpful sign!

    Get Your Directory Sign for Your University

    You now know some of the basics of directory signs. So, after you’ve made the decision to design, purchase and install a directory sign, give Schaefer Sign Works a call. We are the directory sign experts who will do it right the first time. Go ahead and contact us today for a free quote.