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    Find the Ideal Logo Sign for Your Company

    Logos are an excellent way to raise brand awareness among both your casual visitors and frequent customers. You may already have integrated a logo into all your displays, including your signage. But perhaps you feel like there’s something lacking. Maybe you’re not getting the business or foot traffic that you were expecting. In this case, getting a proper logo sign is the solution. Let’s go through some components of the perfect logo sign.

    Size and Shape

    Both the size of your logo sign as well as its shape are important. You don’t want a sign that’s too big or too small, or in a shape that makes it hard to see your storefront. For example, if you are a small independent bookstore, perhaps design your logo sign to be in the shape of a stack of books, then mount it to your wall next to the signage indicating the name of your shop. If you own a record store, choose a record or music notes to be a part of your logo sign.

    Let your imagination guide you, but remember the practicalities as well. Be mindful of local regulations regarding sign size and shape, especially if you are installing your sign outdoors.

    Color of Your Logo Sign

    Color is a crucial part of what makes a sign visually compelling to look at. Choose bright colors with a good amount of contrast between them for best results. Good dark-to-light contrast engages the viewer, turning them from a casual observer to an instant and curious customer.

    As an example, imagine you are an adorable little cupcake shop located in a charming town. Your shop appeals to many people, including both locals and tourists. Your logo, naturally, is a cute cupcake, delicately decorated. You wouldn’t choose a very dark color palette for your logo sign, would you? On the contrary, you would probably pick a light pink or blue, with a bright red cherry painted on top for emphasis. The contrast between the pastel and the primary color would really get you noticed.


    You should be careful about this one. Avoid trees and excessively shaded areas—your sign won’t be seen if you put it under a giant oak. At the same time, direct sunlight could fade or otherwise damage your beautifully-painted logo sign. Just think about where your sign will be seen the most, and put it there—it’s that simple.

    Get Your Logo Sign Now

    Now that you’ve learned about some important facets of logo signs, go ahead and get your perfect logo sign now from Schaefer Sign Works today. Call now for a free quote.

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