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    Impress Clients and Investors with Office Wall Signs

    The furnishings, colors, and overall layout of your office create ambiance. What takes it over the top (and impresses clients and investors) is your selection of office wall signs. Because customized signage frequently doubles as wall art, you cannot go wrong with a set of products that a seasoned graphic artist helps you put together. What are some of your options?

    Acrylic Lobby Signs Impress with Design Choices

    It is fair to say that the acrylic logo board is one of the most versatile products you can commission. Opt for a large size when you have plenty of room to work with. Reduce the size when the wall space is limited. A great option is the presentation of a transparent acrylic board with a frosted vinyl overlay installed on the back and a set of dimensional letters on the front. A thick board, in particular, will allow for shadow play. Another option is the installation of a dual board with standoffs, which heightens the impression. That said, we could also create a lobby sign featuring acrylic dimensional letters.

    Brushed Metal ADA Signage Brings Sophistication and Durability to the Walls

    Office Wall SignsThe Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) governs the design and mounting locations of compliant signage. These markers must identify permanent room designations and be readable for visitors with certain disabilities. Part of this readability includes the use of raised letters and Braille II dots. Because brushed metal does not reflect the light as polished materials would, and because it makes cleaning a snap, many business clients prefer this substance to acrylic – although the latter is not a bad option, either. Choose high contrast colors for backdrop and style elements.

    Vinyl Graphics and Lettering Encapsulate a Brand Message

    Office Wall SignsA mix between functional branding tool and decorative expression, the vinyl display can be as large or small as you like. Some business owners order murals that span the entirety of a wall. Occasionally, they include their logo displays as subliminal images. Depending on the overall look and feel of the office space, a mural may be the ideal backdrop for a logo sign. Scale it down to feature a logo and lettering to repeat your brand information in a hallway, conference room, or individual offices. There is no shortage of uses for vinyl graphics and letters. In fact, if you have long hallways that are too narrow for the presentation of framed prints, they might just be ideal for vinyl graphics telling the company’s story.

    Mounted Prints Imbue a Space with the Finishing Touches

    Office Wall SignsChoose prints that highlight corporate colors, focus on niche-specific images, offer product details, reveal vignettes of the business’ early days, or contain actual buy-me messages. We can print your chosen graphics on canvas, aluminum, acrylic, cardstock, or PVC. Frame the artwork or display it with standoffs. Mounted to foam boards, the prints also present well on easels.

    In fact, why don’t you call us today to learn more about the broad range of office wall signs that impress and compel?

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