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    LED Readerboard Signs for the Fountain Square Musical Festival

    Indianapolis has a great reputation for being a city full of art and music. Every year the city hosts numerous music festivals and live events. These events draw tourists from all over and draw locals out to explore their city too. With the number of live events, you might find it hard to keep up with your advertising. Especially for venues that host these live music events, keeping your displays relevant is important. But how do you keep people up to date on what bands you’ll be featuring? The right signage will help bring your venue business and keep people clued into the latest news on your featured acts.

    Music Festivals

    The Fountain Square Music Festival (FSMF) is one of the biggest and most interesting musical events happening this year. The FSMF will be held on October sixth and seventh. The event will feature plenty of modern music plus a modern concert experience. This year the festival will be immersing the audience in spectacular displays. The new festival format will also bring the audience and the performers closer together for a much bigger, immersive experience. Also, for the first time, the festival will feature a main stage, where musical explorers can gather to experience what this festival has to offer.

    High-Profile Signage

    LED Readerboard Signs Indianapolis IN

    With an event this large, you’ll need more than just a list of dates, times and bands. You need your display to be eye-catching and totally adaptable to the changing line up of acts you host. LED readerboard signs are a great option for this type of display. LED readerboards suit businesses that need adaptability and visibility. These signs combine the efficiency and brightness of LED lights to create a customizable display that can get you noticed even with an immersive, musical experience taking place in your neighborhood.

    LED readerboard signs work for any venue hosting bands or events. If you wind up canceling an event, you can inform patrons before they get inside. You can inform people quickly of time changes and similar issues. These signs also give you the option of appealing to people who are just passing by. Not everyone will be familiar with your venue and a bright LED sign may pique their curiosity enough to get them checking out your business. And once the next festival gets underway, you’ll be able to tailor your display to fit the look and display the most relevant information.

    LED Readerboard Signs Indianapolis IN

    LED Readerboard Signs for You

    If you’re in need of LED readerboard signs, contact our team today to discuss your options.

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