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    LED Readerboard Signs: A Versatile Option for Your School

    Schools usually have a lot going on. There are football games, parent-teacher conferences, school plays, and plenty of other events that a school might take part in. Schools sometimes need to get the word out to parents, students and faculty about these events or other important school news. A great way to reach the entire school community is with LED readerboard signs by Schaefer Sign Works.

    LED Readerboard Signs in Indianapolis

    No More Manual Letter Board Signs

    Gone are the days of the letter board sign. You’ll no longer see the school principal manually changing out letters and searching frantically through a beat-up cardboard box for an upper-case “E” before settling for a backward “3”. Today, there is the LED option. LED readerboards are a great option for schools. LED readerboards are highly adaptable, efficient and highly visible. So, your school’s messages won’t easily be ignored with this type of signage. And you’ll never have to settle for a backward “3” again.

    Easily Customizable

    LED readerboard signs use LED light to create customizable messages. This allows you to display whatever messages you like as often as you like. That means that you can update them with the most relevant information you have. For example, if classes are being canceled because of bad weather, you can quickly display that on your LED readerboard. You can even display the scores of a recent football or baseball game. You can also send the senior class on their way with a special message at the end of the year.

    LED Readerboard Signs in Indianapolis

    Energy Efficient

    LED lights use less energy than their conventional counterparts and they last much longer. So, not only will you no longer need to go out and physically change the school message board, but you won’t even have to change the LED bulbs that often. These boards are highly efficient, making them worth your initial investment.

    Highly Visible

    The other thing about LED readerboard signs is their readability. Because LED light is fairly bright, your message will be easy to discern during the day and at night. You won’t have to worry about people ignoring your message. So, if you put a message with the date of the first day of school on your LED readerboard, you can be sure that students and parents will notice.

    LED Readerboard Signs for Your School

    Readerboards are a great way to get your message out to a wide audience. As teachers, students and parents drive by the school readerboard, they’ll all be able to see the latest school news. You can include community news as well and make sure that your school is an important part of the community it’s located in.

    If you’re interested in and LED readerboard for your school, call our team today!

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