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    Make the Right First Impression with Church Signage

    Most often, the first exposure a potential church attendee has with a church is its sign or marquee. This makes it one of the most important forms of communication, as those who pass by will make a judgment of whether they are interested in the church’s message. Sometimes, with the best intentions, churches miss the mark in trying to be funny or easily approached.

    Every church has its own message and view on Christianity. However, there are some things to avoid in LED Readerboard signs that can help better communicate your church’s mission.

    • Poor theology. Standing out with your own take on theology is great, but make sure it is sensical and conveys the word of God properly.
    • Unfunny jokes. It’s great to appeal to younger or newer members of the Christian community, but it can be lost in trite attempts at humor. Puns can be great, but make sure if you question if it’s funny, to steer in a different direction.
    • Trying too hard to be deep. While it can be a good service to have deeper messages, be clear and avoid being confusing. A great verse won’t be as effective when it’s completely out of context. Try having someone else read what you are saying. If they can’t explain it back to you, it’s time to revise.
    • Wrong spellings and bad grammar. Check everything multiple times before putting it out to the public. Having small mistakes isn’t the worst thing in the world, but being prudent goes a long way in creating a good image.
    • Quoting God. It’s great to quote scripture, but attributing the quote to God can come off as trying to top the Bible.
    • Being preachy. Of course, at church, you can expect to be preached to since that its purpose. However, signage should be inviting and make people want to come into the building.
    • Unanswered question. It’s great to pose thoughtful questions to the community, but a lot is open to interpretation when it goes unanswered. Posing a question and offering advice can make a bigger impact, especially when the advice includes a call to action.

    Feel inspired to get your own LED Readerboard for your church? We can help! Contact us today at or give us a call. We’ll go over your budget and figure out a signage solution to fit your needs.