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    Make Sure Your Signage is Perfect for Bikes in Indianapolis

    One of the great features of downtown Indianapolis is the Indianapolis Cultural Trail. The Trail is an 8-mile urban path for bikes and pedestrians alike. It connects several different Indianapolis neighborhoods and gives people easy access to entertainment and culture in the city. Although the Cultural Trail makes for a great walk, biking is an easy way to see more of the city than you could just on foot. In fact, the Indiana Pacers Bikeshare program lets you rent bikes for thirty-minute trips all around the city. All of this bicycling means that your business on or near the Indianapolis Cultural Trail should try to tailor its signage to appeal to people on bikes. When it comes to the perfect signage for getting noticed by someone on a bike, Schaefer Sign Works has some tips to make sure your business stands out.

    Signage in Indianapolis IN


    If your business is on or near an area with heavy bike traffic, you’ll want to make sure that your signage has certain qualities. One of the most important qualities to note when creating the perfect sign is size. The size of your sign directly translates to readability over distance and while moving. The bigger your sign, the easier it will be to read from far away or when traveling at a decent speed. Pedestrians have more time to read your sign and process the information and images. Bikers moving at a decent clip will not be able to read small, far away signs. To get the most out of your signage make sure it’s the right size for your target audience.


    One of the other essential qualities of good signage, in general, is choosing the right colors. If you want readability for people on bikes, though, choosing the right colors is incredibly important. Like size, you’ll want to make sure that your colors are visible at a distance, so people on bikes have time to read them as they pass by. This means high-contrast colors. So, think about the way black lettering looks on a white background. That is high-contrast and very readable. If you imagine bright yellow lettering on a white backdrop, that is fairly hard to read because it is low-contrast.


    Placement is going to be the most important aspect of quality signage. Without proper placement, none of the other stuff matters. If you put your signage where no one will see it, the size and color won’t matter. For an area with lots of bikes, you’ll want to choose the perfect placement for your signage. That means considering where people are traveling, how fast they’re going and in what direction they’re heading. For example, if a bike path runs right outside your storefront, parallel to your store, massive channel letter signs above your door are going to do little good. But a cabinet sign that sticks out from the building will be easier to read as bikers travel up or down the street.

    Signage in Indianapolis IN

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    If you need signage for your business on or near an area with heavy bike traffic, call our expert team today to discuss your options!

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