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    Metal Office Signs 101: Aluminum, Alumalite, and Dibond (oh my!)

    No other signage solution is as versatile as metal office signs. They look great, get their messages across, and can adapt to the overall brand message of your setting. Companies that use them are in the real estate field, manufacturing, contracting, and offer services. You notice products such as aluminum, alumalite, and Dibond used in parking lots, on buildings, inside offices, along fences, and anywhere that companies need corporate or safety signs.

    Choosing the right metal for the job can be tricky. After all, these signs frequently hide their actual construction behind outstanding facings and eye-catching laminates. To give you a behind-the-scenes look at your options, and help you make an informed buying decision, we will discuss three commonly requested metal materials.

    Aluminum Is Ideally suited for Indoor and Outdoor Settings

    Metal Office Signs; Aluminum, Alumalite, and DibondIt does not rust. Insects have no interest in it. Rain or shine, the sign does not rot. Aluminum is almost perfect. We can cut it into the shape of your logo or create dimensional lobby sign letters from it. When melted down, we can create cast aluminum plaques. But there are some caveats. For example, aluminum bends easily. If you place an aluminum panel in a setting where high winds will pull at the material, it may warp.

    Dibond Features a Plastic Core Sandwiched Between Two Aluminum Sheets

    Metal Office Signs; Aluminum, Alumalite, and DibondIf you want to maintain some flexibility, consider a thickness of an eighth of an inch. Most business clients opt for the quarter-inch setup instead because they prefer the rigidity of the material. This sign offers more strength than aluminum itself. You frequently see it in use as a real estate sign panel that hangs suspended from an inverted “L” beam.

    Alumalite Has the Rigidity Needed to Withstand Bending

    Metal Office Signs; Aluminum, Alumalite, and DibondAlumalite actually consists of two aluminum sheets we bond to a corrugated plastic interior core. This construction maintains the advantage of being lightweight, which makes these signs ideal for fence displays. Their weight will not cause a fence to sag or fall. At the same time, the unique construction prevents the bending and warping that strong winds bring on. For visual appeal, consider framing the sign to hide the corrugated plastic middle.

    Aluminum, Alumalite, and Dibond: Which Metal Office Signs are Right for You?

    If you have your heart set on metal signage, which is a great way of introducing consumers to your brand and capitalizing on the excellent looks of the material, we can use the various signage materials in different ways. For example, we would recommend alumalite for a monument sign panel or building sign. Cast aluminum makes a great logo sign. For the lobby, we recommend laser-cut aluminum. If you add messages to the exterior in the form of fence signs, your best selection is the use of alumalite. For interior wayfinding signs and informational products, you cannot go wrong with Dibond.

    If we have piqued your interest in learning more about these products, or if you are thinking of adding metal signage to your venue for the first time, discuss your thoughts with our experts!

    Metal Office Signs; Aluminum, Alumalite, and Dibond