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    Monument Signs Mark Your Location

    Have you ever driven right by a driveway or parking lot that you were looking for? It’s frustrating when you’re following a GPS and a turn comes up more quickly than you thought it would. A visual reference is a great way to make sure that you know exactly where to turn before you get close to it. Monument signs by Schaefer Sign Works are a great option for creating a reference point to help clients find your business location. These signs combine structural and graphic designs to create a noticeable display that will get your business noticed and guide clients to your door.

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    Mark Your Location

    Monument signs are a great option for any business, but they work incredibly well for offices or stores located in large parking lots or at the end of long driveways. These signs create interesting displays but also serve as markers for your location. When people see your monument sign, they’ll know exactly where to turn to find your business. You can even use these signs as a reference when giving your clients directions. Monument signs make for excellent landmarks because they are hard to miss and grab the attention of passersby.

    An Eye-Catching Combination

    Monument signs combine great structural components with strong graphic design to create a sign that is impossible to ignore. These signs can be placed in spots that will highlight the beauty of the sign or the beauty of your landscaping. All of this combines to create a sign that fits your business perfectly. And you have a number of options with this type of signage. You’ll be able to choose different materials, different designs and different display types. This allows us to create a sign that will work for your business and do exactly what you need it to.

    Build Confidence

    Monument signs also create a professional look for your business. This professional look combined with the permanence of your sign creates a display that will attract people. A permanent display says a lot about your own confidence in your business, its staying power and the community you work in. This makes it easier for people to trust your business and builds familiarity with your community. These signs anchor you to your community by showing them you intend to stay and have specifically chose your location to make your business a success.

    Monument Signs in Indianapolis IN

    Monument Signs for Your Business

    If you’re looking for monument signs, contact out team today to discuss your options.

    Monument Signs in Indianapolis IN