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    Mounted Prints are Made for Your Office

    Decorating your office can be difficult. You want to strike the balance between professional and unique, which is a hard line to toe. You want to try to leave a lasting impression with your décor, but you don’t want visitors to think you don’t take your business seriously. Mounted prints are an excellent option for finding this balance between originality and professionalism. Mounted prints by Schaefer Sign Works can take your images and branding and use that to create a display that will grab attention and leave visitors with a sense of who you are. They also give you the opportunity to add a personal touch to your space.

    Mounted Prints in Indianapolis IN

    Modern Prints

    Your office, store or facility is important to your business. People associate your business with the space you operate out of. Because of this, you want to make sure that your office is sending the right message about you. Mounted prints let you take images that represent who you are and turn them into sharp, modern displays. Our digital printing technology allows us to take almost any image that you like and make it into an interesting print. This gives you almost unlimited options with your office décor.

    Look for Talent in Your Building

    Mounted prints allow you to choose images that really mean something to your business. One of the most interesting things you can do with this is looking around your office for employees that may be able to contribute to your prints. You may have an employee who is an artist or photographer. You can commission this employee to create a piece that will represent your business and the talented individuals who make it a success.

    Show Your Local Colors

    Your prints can also show off some local color. If there’s not an artist in your staff, you can seek out a local artist to create a piece. This allows you the opportunity to connect your business with your community and support local art. You can also display an image of a local landmark or a breath-taking view. Any of these options gives you the chance to show people that the community you’re located in is important to you.

    Show Off Your Work

    Another great option for your mounted prints is using them to show off work you’ve done. You can take pictures of jobs you’ve finished or products that you created. You can even use this type of display to show pictures of your team at a company picnic or outing. All of this will show that you care about your work and the people who make your facility all that it is.

    Mounted Prints in Indianapolis IN

    Mounted Prints for Your Facility

    If you’re interested in mounted prints for your office, contact our team of experts today!

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