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    Reel in Foot Traffic with Inflatable Marketing Products in Fishers IN

    Fishers is only a short 15 miles down the road from Indianapolis. Not surprisingly, plenty of shoppers from that area come to do business at local stores. Because the city is experiencing tremendous growth, the influx of retailers and service providers has been enormous. Although this is great news for the consumer, it means that companies have to work that much harder at attracting the attention of shoppers. A new take on outdoor marketing is the use of inflatable marketing products in Fishers IN.

    Attract Attention with an Inflatable Dome Tent

    Inflatable Marketing Products in Fishers INSelect the display for any indoor or outdoor event. Its dome feature makes it stand out from the standard pop-up, which should pique the interest of passersby and those in cars. These items offer multiple branding and advertising message options. They include not just the dome’s canopy, which makes sense, but also the various sidewalls that you can detach when you prefer to do so. An inflatable tent is an excellent center point for your parking lot sale and attracts notice with its amazing color play. Although using your brand color is always a good idea, consider also choosing a particularly standout tone to catch the eye.

    Inflatable Columns Provide Added Attention-getting Displays

    Inflatable Marketing Products in Fishers INChoose matching attention getters to ensure that nobody misses the unusual goings on at your venue. We customize the column’s exterior to reflect your branding and marketing information. Consider having us pre-print different covers for a variety of planned sales or opt for a more generic covering that suits any sales or special event you may be hosting in the future. The columns come in a variety of sizes, and our experts have noted that featuring multiple products on your property heightens the visual appeal of the setup.

    Complement Inflatables with Standard Signage Products

    Inflatable Marketing Products in Fishers INAn outdoor sign stand is the best way of providing more detailed information about the event you host. Include your corporate information, of course, as well as brand colors. Also, spell out the name of the event, the nature of the particular promotion, what is in it for the customer, and how long you plan to run the sale. These signage solutions do not weigh a lot, which makes them easy to move wherever you need to display them. Measuring a little more than 98 inches in width and almost 38 inches in height, you can present double-sided messages.

    Augment this information with yard signs that read “Sale!” or “One Day Only” to further pique the curiosity of the consumer. By creating a sense of urgency and combining multiple signs to present a message, reeling in foot traffic has never been easier.

    Buy Inflatable Marketing Products in Fishers, IN

    Are you ready to take advantage of the eye-catching nature that inflatable products and their paired signage components bring to your storefront? Whether you plan to host a sidewalk sale, parking lot markdown extravaganza, or intend to get ready for a fair where you sponsor a booth, you cannot go wrong with these customized displays.

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    Inflatable Marketing Products in Fishers IN