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    Signage Rules and Regulations for the Indiana State Fairgrounds

    The Indiana State Fairgrounds is a historic venue located in central Indianapolis. The 250-acre Fairgrounds combine indoor and outdoor spaces for a number of events. The Fairgrounds opened in 1892 and have hosted Indiana State Fairs ever since. Since the beginning of the State Fair, local businesses and retailers have been attending these events to get involved with their fellow citizens and to sell their products or services. Today, the Fairgrounds are a modern, year-round event center. With modern organization comes modern rules and regulations for vendors. Some of these regulations regard the types and uses of signs that you can use when your business sets up at an event.

    Rules on Advertising

    If you’re lucky enough to be attending an event at the Fairgrounds, you’ll want to make the most of your time. Once your application is approved, you’ll want to begin preparing as soon as you can. But there are certain rules you’ll need to consider when planning. For example, the Indiana State Fair Commission (ISFC) has established rules about advertising your event. If you’re going to advertise your event, you need to make sure that your signs include the total admission price for tickets and specify that the Fairgrounds are the location and not a sponsor of the event. You also have to use official Indiana State Fairgrounds logos and images provided by an ISFC representative.

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    Rules on Banners

    There are also rules regarding banners and flags. These rules are generally established by the show management as opposed to the ISFC. But if the banners block the view of guests, block advertising, get in the way or contain inappropriate material, the ISFC will remove the banners. You’ll also have to be careful with outdoor banners. If your banner is going on a building, only ISFC staff can hang it for a fee. And there are limitations to where you can have outdoor banners, as well. For example, you cannot hang a banner in a tree or on a light pole within the fairgrounds.

    Best Types of Signs

    So, what kinds of signs are ideal for this type of situation? Event displays are a great option. At Schaefer Sign Works, we can provide event displays that fit your needs. We can print displays that fit the ISFC’s rules perfectly but still grab attention. Considering the rules about banners, a lower profile may be needed. Using retractable banners is a great option. Or you could use a table throw that will grab attention but won’t block the view of anything above it.

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    Signs for Your Event

    If you’re planning on attending the Indiana State Fair Grounds as a vendor, make sure you’re following the rules. Here is a document from the ISFC that has all of the venue guidelines from A to Z. Schaefer Sign Works will work within your budget and the guidelines of the ISFC to get you the perfect display, so give us a call to discuss your options!

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