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    The Ancient Art of Vandalism and Modern Sign Repair and Restoration

    Usually, business owners contact our sign repair and restoration team when the weather has taken its toll on an old sign. Sometimes, though, they call us because their signage has been vandalized. Vandalism is immensely frustrating. But if teenagers with spray paint victimize your signage, Schaefer Sign Works’ sign repair and restoration services can help. No matter what the reason, we’ll get your sign looking brand-new in no time.

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    Believe it or not, graffiti is an ancient tradition. From ancient tombs in Israel to the streets of preserved Pompeii, archaeologists have discovered graffiti all across the ancient world. And the graffiti back then wasn’t that different from graffiti now. The oldest graffiti in Pompeii has been dated to October 3, 78 B.C. – the inscription: “Gaius Pumidius Diphilus was here.” That’s the kind of message you’ve undoubtedly seen scribbled on high school desks and written in dust on dirty cars. You might even have inscribed a similar message on something yourself. But unlike the inscriptions in Pompeii, there’s no reason to preserve the graffiti that winds up defacing your property.

    When you discover graffiti on something you’ve paid for, it’s more than likely going to frustrate you. You’re not going to wonder what this graffiti will mean for future generations. You’re going to wonder how you can get rid of it. You might consider buying brand new signage, but that’s not necessary. Our expert team will get your signs looking great again.

    Sign Destruction

    What may be worse than graffiti is the destruction of your property. For some reason, that just feels more personal. There’s no need to worry about this either. If some kids or very immature adults have taken a baseball bat to your lightbox monument signs, we’ll repair your sign even if someone else originally installed it.

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    Sign Repair and Restoration Services

    Vandalism is a common issue. There’s no way to completely ensure it won’t happen to your business. But you can rest assured. If you find your signs have been tagged or battered, we’ll get them back to working order, building your brand and advertising your business.

    Whether it’s weather or vandals, our sign repair and restoration team can get your sign looking as good as the day you bought it. No need to leave the graffiti on your signs until it’s analyzed by future archaeologists.

    If you’re in need of sign repair and restoration services, call us today to discuss your options!