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    Tips for the Best Vehicle Wraps and Graphics

    Vehicle advertising is a great way to get your brand out on the road and get noticed by a massive portion of your market. But there are ways of doing vehicle advertising wrong. Whether it’s improper placement or bad layouts, you can totally ruin the benefits or your vehicle wraps and graphics. Here are a few tips from Schaefer Signworks for how to make sure your vehicle advertising is always hitting the mark.

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    One of the first major problems that can arise with vehicle wraps is poor placement. You need to make sure that your most important information is front and center and can be easily read even if you’re moving at a good pace. For example, if you wrap the back window of a sedan, make sure that your important information is not only on the window. The back window of sedans are usually on an angle. That means that only something like a tractor trailer driver will be able to easily read the information and only if they’re behind you.


    Another problem you might find with vehicle wraps is that the information is overly crowded. Having too much information crammed onto your wrap is a very bad idea. You need to make sure you’re including only important information and displaying it prominently. If you have to make your phone number smaller to fit your company’s history and mission statement on your wrap, you’re doing it wrong. Make sure your name, logo and contact information are displayed prominently so they’re easy to read.


    Similar to the problem of overcrowded text is including too many images on your wrap. Images can do a lot and show people the kind of work you do, but if your wrap is over crowded with too many images, it’s just distracting. That means that people will be too focused on your images to read the information that is important. Balance is the key. Try to find images that complement the text and don’t go too crazy.

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    If you need vehicle wraps and don’t want to have to worry about these kinds of problems, contact out expert team today!