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    Trade Show Banner Stands 101

    The trade show circuit is heating up. If you are thinking of joining this year as an exhibitor, you need the right trade show banner stands. There is a lot of confusion about the options open to you. Should you select a retractable, spring back, or telescopic banner stand? Your questions – answered!

    Retractable Banner Stands Combine Storage Convenience with Functionality

    Trade Show Banner Stands
    Having the luxury to roll up your graphic inside the banner’s stand is what makes retractable models so popular on the trade show floor. Choose from vinyl or fabric materials to present your information. The typical stand features an aluminum or black color and ranges in height from 11 inches to more than 85 inches. Widths range from eight inches to more than 41 inches. Depending on the selection of a dual banner or single banner stand, costs for these products can go down or up.

    Spring Back (X-Banner) Stands are Budget-friendly Options

    Trade Show Banner StandsThe spring back banner stand – you may also see it referred to as the X-banner stand – looks like it is a complicated contraption. In reality, it is a basic design that you can put together quickly and easily. Adjustable heights make it a favorite display option. Typically, the stands reach heights of 26 inches to more than 64 inches. Widths can range from 14 inches to more than 31 inches. Unlike retractable stands, however, you need to provide external storage for your graphic.

    Telescopic Banner Stands are the Ideal Products for Wide Displays

    Trade Show Banner StandsWhen you see companies with step and repeat banners, they almost always favor the telescopic stand. Widths range from 51 inches to 141 inches while heights may go from 33 inches to 96 inches. Add an extension kit, and you can feature a dual banner presentation that easily serves as a trade show booth backdrop. Telescopic banner stands also have the advantage of offering models with slight curvatures, which further enhance the overall presentation. Store your graphic separately from the hardware of the stand.

    Add-ons for Trade Show Banner Stands

    Heighten the effectiveness of the displays by adding literature pockets. They attach to the sides of selected stand models. By doing so, you open up the possibility of brand engagement by the consumer, who may not be ready to have a conversation with your staff members. Another excellent add-on is the LED clip-on light. Business clients have had good success calling attention to their graphics simply by providing illumination that is independent of that which the venue already provides.

    Ordering Your Banner Stands and Custom Graphics

    Discuss your plans with the friendly business sign experts at Schaefer Sign Works. We serve the business communities in and around Brownsburg, Indianapolis, Zionsville, Carmel, Westfield, Fishers, Noblesville, and Evansville, IN. We assist you with the selection of the right banner stand based on your anticipated usage. Moreover, we help you put together the look and layout of the graphics. At that time, we also answer your questions regarding single or double-sided displays, fabric versus polyester materials, and the advantages of vinyl banner presentations.

    Call us today to get started!

    Trade Show Banner Stands