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    How to Use a QR Code with Business Signs and Graphics

    Have you noticed the squares that feature a white background with black squiggly lines and cubes? You probably saw them on a company’s window poster or at a trade show’s booth setup. These quick response (QR) codes found their ways into advertising over a decade ago. Some have predicted their demise over the years, but the technology is still going strong and, if anything, showing great promise for future applications. How can you capitalize on this setup with your business signs and graphics?

    Understand How the Setup Works

    Business Signs and GraphicsThe QR code connects the signage at your business to your company’s online presence. Cell phone users download a QR reader app and scan a code. When they follow its link, it may take them to an optimized web page that features your information or special promotion. Because a large percentage of mobile users already have the app downloaded, you cannot go wrong with featuring this marketing tool on your signs. Business clients have had excellent success when presenting their ads in this way.

    Pairing Signage with QR Codes

    Business Signs and GraphicsBusiness owners have found excellent ways of turning their signs into sales agents.

    • Connect the consumer to YouTube presentations. Do you advertise your properties with post and panel signs? Add a code. Doing so is an outstanding option for real estate professionals, property developers, management companies, and sales teams who routinely perform product presentations. By featuring online walk-throughs of spaces that are for lease or sale, or by putting product presentations online, you can connect your signs to the product.
    • Educate customers on product promotions. If you place your QR code on a vehicle wrap that advertises the latest addition to a main product line, you send the consumer who engages with it to a web page that offers online coupons or special offers. Present contests, reward email newsletter signups with regular special offer alerts or suggest product pairings.
    • Point of sale signs can do more than attract attention. With the code in place, they can provide detailed information about warranties and features. Going beyond the highlights of the signage also opens the door for your sales personnel to have a conversation with the shopper about choosing the product and boosting its functionality or enjoyment with an ancillary buy.

    Ideal for e-Commerce Stores, Too!

    Business Signs and GraphicsIf you do business online for a popular product or service, the code provides those who see it an opportunity to connect with your e-commerce store right then and there. These spur of the moment interactions may also send additional shoppers to your social media site, which can substantially increase the online buzz about the product as well as the store.

    Ideal business signs and graphics for the display of the QR square include vehicle graphics and wraps, window graphics, banners, posters, decals, and similar products. We routinely work with business clients who are familiar with the technology and actively employ it in their day-to-day advertising and branding.

    Contact our experts today to see how easy it is to incorporate the codes into your next signage product!

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