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    Vehicle Graphics Add to the Food Truck Phenomenon

    Food trucks are a growing phenomenon. Gone are the days when people cringed at the necessity of a food truck lunch. Instead of the grim need for a convenient meal, people are actually inconveniencing themselves to eat from food trucks. In fact, food trucks have become a symbol of the way great cooks push the boundaries of cuisine. Chefs have foregone the need for brick and mortar establishments with pricey overhead and are instead opting to make high-quality food in the back of trucks. One of the newest aspects of this phenomenon is the use of social media. Many food trucks will tweet their location to their hungry fans. This adds a whole new level of marketing to this business. But despite the move into the Twitter age, food trucks still need curb appeal. Even a juggernaut of popular mobile cuisine could benefit from the use vehicle graphics by Schaefer Sign Works.

    Vehicle graphics are a great way to add all of the information, branding and professionalism you need to your food truck.

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    A food truck may not need to look as good as a brick and mortar establishment, but that doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t. If you own or operate a food truck, a little bit of branding and a few well-placed images can go a long way. Just like a regular restaurant, you’ll want to build a brand that people recognize and associate with your food. If your food is good, but your branding is forgettable, you won’t get as much return business as you could. And not everyone is hip to the idea that food trucks are the future of good eating. So, you’ll want to make sure that your truck doesn’t drive these food truck novices further away.


    You’ll want to include the relevant contact information on your truck too. You can include your name and phone number, but you can also display your Twitter handle. This ensures that loyal customers and new diners will know where to find you when you set up. Not to mention, you’ll grow your Twitter following. You may want to even add a little bit about the history of your truck. This could make for an interesting bit of reading as your diners wait for service.

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    Street food is often considered less than ideal, sometimes even downright dangerous. You’ll want to make sure that people feel at ease as they eat your food. You don’t want to drive people away just because your food truck doesn’t look like a professional, established base of operations for your culinary endeavors. By adding the right vehicle graphics and lettering to your food truck, you can add a professional and uniform look to your vehicle. This automatically increases your perceived trustworthiness. If people trust you, they trust that your food is safe and made to a certain standard.

    Vehicle Graphics for Your Food Truck

    If you own or operate a food truck, vehicle graphics and lettering by Schaefer Sign Works can build your brand and your reputation.

    If you’re interested in vehicle graphics for your food truck, or for any vehicle, call our expert team today to discuss the benefits!

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