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    Warning Signs Keep Everyone Safe

    Most buildings have areas that are off limits to everyone except certain personnel. Whether it’s just an electrical room or you work with some dangerous heavy equipment, you need to make sure that your employees and visitors are taking the appropriate precautions. You don’t want people mistaking a possibly dangerous room for your employee lounge. That’s why it’s essential to properly identify areas that could potentially be unsafe. It will protect your guests and employees, but also keep you safe from liability in case of an accident. Warning signs by Schaefer Sign Works are a great option for marking your restricted areas.

    Warning signs are the type of signage that you really cannot do without. Whether you work in an office or on a construction site, your warning signs matter. Here are just a few examples of important warning signs you might need for your space or workplace:

    Construction Site Signs

    Warning Signs for Brownsburg | Indianapolis | Zionsville IN

    These signs can come in a variety of forms. They display information for both workers and passersby that there is an active work zone. These are particularly important to remind your employees and visitors that they need to wear specific items, like hard hats and high-visibility vests, while at the job site.

    Wet Floor Signs

    Warning Signs for Brownsburg | Indianapolis | Zionsville IN

    One of the most quintessential warning signs out there is the wet floor sign. You’ve probably noticed these at supermarkets or in a restaurant. That’s because they’re a vital sign for these businesses. If there’s a spill on your floor, it may not be the easiest thing to see. You don’t want anyone, guests or employees, slipping while you go to grab the mop. The easiest way to keep people from slipping on an easy to miss spill is by using a wet floor sign to let people know to be cautious.

    High Voltage

    High voltage signs can be placed on doors or on fences, pretty much anywhere there’s electrical equipment like generators or circuit breakers. These signs warn people entering the area that only trained professionals should handle the equipment inside. These warning signs also keep people cautious if they need to move through these rooms or areas.


    Warning signs are made to be highly visible and easy to understand. They should be placed at eye level and should be comprised of high-contrast colors, so they are easy to read even in low-light situations. These signs keep people safe, so you don’t want to hide them in a corner or behind a bush. Display these signs prominently where people will be able to see them immediately.

    Warning Signs for Your Business

    If you need warning signs for your building or work site, call our expert team today to discuss your safety sign options!

    Warning Signs for Brownsburg | Indianapolis | Zionsville IN