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    Wayfinding Signs Inform Your Visitor

    Wayfinding signs, along with directory signs, are an essential component of any large company’s signage. But even if you are a small business, you can still benefit from this type of interior signage, especially if you are located within a larger building. Read on to find out how wayfinding signs inform people and help your visitors get from point A to point B, as well as some basic facts about wayfinding signs.

    Wayfinding 101

    What exactly is “wayfinding,” anyway? Well, it is basically the act or process of figuring out how to get from one place to another in the most efficient manner possible. Think about your GPS app on your smartphone, for example. Most often, it tells you the quickest way to get someplace—not necessarily the scenic route! This is an important aspect of wayfinding. You shouldn’t have to think too hard about how you’re going to get to your specific place—ideally, you really shouldn’t have to think at all. No trick, no gimmicks, just get where you need to be, right?

    Another aspect of the natural or organic wayfinding process is the use of landmarks. Try to think about how you would direct someone to travel from your home to say, a popular tourist location within your city. You would help them out by using landmarks. Easily recognizable points or places are generally more helpful than just listing street names and “go left” or “go right,” for example.

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    How to Create Quality Wayfinding Signs

    You might be wondering why we’re rambling about the basics of wayfinding theory. Well, think about it. If your wayfinding sign contains simple pictures or symbols, clear and concise text and a helpful arrow, your guests will be much more likely to find their way in your building. These are the basics of the theory, applied in a practical way. See? It’s simpler than you may think.

    Remember, with wayfinding signs, you don’t want people to feel like they need to think about how to get to their target location. Just keep it simple and easy to read, and you will succeed.

    Get Your Wayfinding Signs Today

    Since you’re now better informed about the theory and practice of wayfinding signs, you can go ahead and order your high-quality, custom-made signage from Schaefer Sign Works. We are your one-stop shop for everything related to signs, so give us a call today and get a free quote.