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    What is a Monument Sign and Why Do You Need One?

    When we discuss the use of outdoor signage with our business clients, we pretty quickly start talking about attracting the attention of drivers. Because some business venues are situated in such a way that their buildings’ fronts are recessed and not immediately visible from the street, consumers may simply drive past them. Few turn around to visit the location, particularly if you are dealing with a retailer who has ample competition just down the road.

    Once we suggest placing a signage solution closer to the entrance of the parking lot, some members of the local business community are unsure if this works. So, what is a monument sign, and why do you need one (because yes, you really do)?

    Monument Signs are Beacons

    What is a Monument SignHave you noticed that many business owners place their monument signs near the entrances to the parking lots? Fast food restaurants frequently put a second product near the entrance to the drive-through. The reasons are clear: monuments are beacons that attract motorists’ attention. This, in turn, allows drivers to change lanes accordingly and make it into your parking lot. Once there, they are far more likely to complete the purchase.

    Monuments also encourage the impulse stop. This type of stop occurs when a driver notices your business’ information and decides to visit you on a whim. Quite often, passengers and particularly children also influence this decision. In short, the monument can be the one exterior sign that increases your foot traffic and therefore heightens the likelihood of the impulse buy. Even if a consumer simply stops by to ask questions about your services, consider that this interaction might not have happened without the marker that advertises your presence at that location.

    Design Choices Allow for a Fully Customized Display

    What is a Monument SignIn the past, brick and mortar construction was the norm. Now, you have additional alternatives. Examples include pre-formed foam monuments that easily mimic the look of bricks and stucco, post and panel setups that include electrical cabinets, and metal with acrylic signs that appeal to a contemporary demographic.

    Illumination may be built in with LEDs or supplied externally with landscape spotlights. Some clients have had excellent success with the integration of illuminated channel letters with their brick and mortar or foam products. Others like the idea of featuring metal with push-through acrylic lettering that illuminates from the inside of the sign. Choose from shapes that feature curves, straight edges, or display as triangles, squares, and even columns.

    Now That You Know What a Monument Sign is, Here is How to Order One

    What is a Monument SignWhat is a monument sign, if not an opportunity to present your brand message in such a way that it stands out more to the segment of customers who drive past a location at higher rates of speed? Rather than selecting a design because another business features it, discuss your thoughts with our graphic artists. We investigate the zoning rules that govern your area, which determines the acceptable sizing. Next, we help you select a material and display combination that gets across the message you want to convey.

    Call us today to schedule a design consultation!

    What is a Monument Sign