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    When to Repair Your Sign

    Ultimately, even the sturdiest of signs will need repair and restoration. After time, all signs will wear down, get cracked or warped, or simply require a fresh coat of paint. When this happens, you might feel a little overwhelmed or even frustrated. Well, you don’t need to sweat it, because sign repair and restoration is easier than you think. Read on to learn more.

    What Damages a Sign?

    Maybe you’re not sure about what exactly causes sign damage. Weather and insects are the prime culprits here.  You’d be surprised how much destruction a little bug can do! And believe it or not, the sun can cause wood to warp and painted materials to fade. Water damage might be obvious, but it is still an issue for any exterior sign.

    Monument signs that are made of stone or brick can also be prone to damage, mainly through erosion of the mortar. Also, water can damage stone if it gets into even a tiny crack, causing it to split further and expand outwards. If this happens at the base of your sign, it could signal trouble down the line.

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    How to Repair Signs

    Sometimes, repairing a sign is as simple as slapping a new coat of paint on it. In that case, your sign will look good as new within a day, weather permitting—make sure you have it painted when it’s dry out, of course.

    In other cases, your sign may be cracking or breaking, which could even be a legal and safety issue. You would not want a piece of your exterior signage to fall off and injure a customer. In this scenario, completely replacing the sign is probably your best bet.

    Restoring Signs

    If your signage requires some subtler touch-ups, a partial sign restoration is probably in order. This involves painting and finishing your sign. That way, it will look brand new—or perhaps, even better than new!

    Sometimes a full restoration is needed. This is also not difficult, but can take a little bit of time. Patience is key, but you needn’t wait too long.

    Get Your Sign Repaired or Restored Today

    Now that you know about the basics of what causes a sign to need repairs and restoration, along with how signs are fixed, give Schaefer Sign Works a call. We are experienced in sign repairs and restoration, and will gladly help your business out with even the smallest issue. Contact us today and get a free quote.

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