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    Window Graphics for Walkable Indianapolis

    Indianapolis is known for being a very walkable city. The city has easy pedestrian access to major attractions, like the Lucas Oil Stadium and Indianapolis Zoo. There are also several trails in the city that allow visitors and locals alike to explore the city and its culture, including the Indianapolis Cultural Trail, totally on foot. And the city plans to continue to make Indianapolis one of the best cities to walk in America. With so much foot traffic, it’s important that your Indianapolis business appeals to and is prepared for pedestrians. Window Graphics by Schaefer Sign Works are a great signage option for any sitution. But they can make your business one of the best for a pedestrian city like Indianapolis.

    Window Graphics for Indianapolis

    Use Space You Already Pay For

    The first benefit of using window graphics is that you’re using space you already pay for. You already own or lease your store or office. If that office has windows, you don’t need to spend any more of your hard-earned money on billboard space or sign mounting hardware. You use your windows to build your brand and advertise your business. And installation is quite simple. That means you won’t have to shut down while we install the graphics.


    Another benefit of window graphics is that our digital printing technology allows us to make graphics that totally suit your brand and your message. Your window graphics can match the color and lettering of your existing marketing material. And you can add whatever images you think will appeal to passers-by. The best part of all is that because they’re easy to install and remove, you can change your graphics with the seasons or for different promotions. This means limitless creative potential for your marketing and advertising.

    Perfect for Pedestrians

    Window graphics are the perfect signage option for a pedestrian city like Indianapolis. Even as pedestrians pass by, they’re not moving as quickly as cars, making them an ideal audience for your storefront signage. Pedestrians usually have more time to stop and look at your window displays. Because they can take a more relaxed look at your window graphics, you have the opportunity to add more interesting images that will get them into your store or restaurant. You don’t need massive displays to make sure that your audience can read them at 60 miles per hour.

    Particularly for certain businesses like restaurants, privacy may also be a concern with their storefront windows. Window graphics can build your brand and add privacy to your dining room. This is especially important to restaurants with busy sidewalks outside their storefront. Your guests and diners may not appreciate being watched as they chew. Our window graphics can be placed to cover the entire window or just at eye-level to block the view of your dining room.

    Window Graphics | Indianapolis

    Window Graphics for Your Indianapolis Business

    Window graphics are a great way to advertise your business with space you already have. This signage option is particularly effective for a pedestrian-oriented city like Indianapolis.

    If you’re looking for window graphics in the Indianapolis area, give our team a call to discuss your options!

    Window Graphics for Indianapolis