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    Window Graphics to Make a Colorful Impression for a Preschool

    Parents choose preschools for a lot of different reasons. For some, they are only concerned with curriculums and accolades. However, there are a lot of parents looking for a creative space for their children to become more social and engaged. For those parents, window graphics can be an important way to engage them.

    These graphics come in a variety of options from colors to translucency. This gives creative control to completely customize the look and feel of the front of your preschool. At our shop, we offer the ability to put nearly any image in a window graphic, meaning the only limitation on our graphics is your creativity. Our team can add splashes of color to indicate your school will appeal to the creativity of their children to get them better engaged with lessons and socialization.

    There are a few tips that will make standing out much easier and leave the ability to express your preschool brand without restraint.

    colorful window display

    Tips for a Great Window Graphic Display

    • Make it Big. Smaller displays are harder to read and come off much less engaging. By making images large and text readable, you will get more out of your investment and keep design options much easier to execute. The graphics should take over the windows, even if they aren’t taking up the entire window. Better movement can be achieved when you fully commit to your graphics.
    • Contrast Colors. Adding contrast can make your display more readable. However, it can also make it more engaging and support the movement of your graphics. Contrasting colors add natural intrigue while making images more clear and more visible.
    • Make it Colorful. More than just adding contrast, colors can make a display more fun. This is imperative when designing a display that is geared toward kids and parents that it comes off as fun yet implements images that properly display what you offer.
    • Less Can Be More. A less complicated display can be a more effective display. Being colorful doesn’t mean using every color. Instead, choose bright and interesting colors with a few impactful design elements to best sell your services. This will let parents know what you offer while appealing to the child, as well.

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    Ready to get started? Our professionals are ready to help you design an impression on passersby with a vibrant display. Contact us today for more information about our design and installation services.